Cool Kids Toys

Welcome one and all to Are you worried about the educational benefits of most of the toys out on the shelves today? Do you worry about your child spending hours in front of the computer playing video game? Are you concerned about the level of violence associated with toys today? Well, we at are here to offer an alternative.

We bring you cool kids toys that you won't find on the shelves of any other toy stores. We bring you, the parent, educational toys that will make learning a fun and engaging experience for your child.

Being a parent is demanding, and constantly full of choices that could have dramatic effect on your child's development. You have to select the right school, the right food and the right amount of exercise. At we want to make selecting the right toy for your child one less thing to worry about.

We believe that the goal of effective educational toys is to make learning fun. At a young age, children learn the most when they feel like they are not learning at all, only enjoying. We have a huge selection of educational toys for you to choose from, and each one has been selected for its particular educational benefit and of course, extreme playability.

To really keep your children entertained you need something cool, something that your child is going to grow with and most of all, something that is going to keep them active: mentally and physically. Take a look at our range of toys and you will find that we have something that will match every child's interpretation of the word, "cool".

If your child has not yet developed hobbies or interests of their own, take a look at our science toys. These cool kids toys are engaging, messy fun for your child. They will teach your children the basics of chemistry, biology and physics in a unique way. Fantastic educational toys that make learning an exploration into fun.

All of our cool kids toys are designed to keep your child active and engaged. Every child needs a hobby and hopefully selecting one of our cool kids toys will help them find that hobby. But remember it is part of their growing process to find that hobby on their own. Encourage them in their choices but don't force them into a hobby they feel no excitement for.

Enjoy taking a look around our selection of unique toys. We are confident that you will find something for your child no matter what their age or interests. While you are looking, maybe you will find something for your home or office as well. Nothing brightens up your day like playing with a cool retro toy from your youth. 

Parental warning: Do not leave your child on this site alone, you may find that their wish lists will grow out of control!