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Army Toys for Kids

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Plastic army soldier toys for kids are one of the most common types of the army theme. The soldiers are typically small and green posed in fix positions so that kids can pose them in imaginary battles however they want. A small set of forty pieces will cost about $7 while larger sets of 1,000 army toy soldiers of lesser quality would sell for about $25. These army toys are not limited to just kids, however, as there are army action figures that are highly detailed and meant to be collector’s items. These can cost more than $20 per figure. There are also army toys based on popular movies that have soldiers in them such as the Toy Story and GI Joe franchises.

There is usually a good selection of vehicles for soldiers and battle to choose from in army toys. For kids, tanks, trucks, jets, planes, and other similar vehicles go hand in hand with their action figures. The vehicles are also available at a larger scale, which allows creators to put in more details individually. Manufacturers like Unimax do a good range of authentic vehicles made from dye cast metal and plastic. MegaBloks ProBuilder get even more specific with their army toys for kids, producing elaborate vehicles such as the 545 piece Navy Destroyer battleship. In addition, remote controlled helicopters of many brands seem to be a particular favorite among children for many years now. The range of army toys for kids is vast and varied, enabling you and your children to build up a pretty big collection if they are really into them.

The army theme is not just limited to toys, but they can also be made into costume attire for kids to role play and dress up in. You can find many army camouflage helmets and toy guns that come in various forms, some of which have rotating bullets and sounds. There are many variations of costumes to choose from all at affordable prices and coming with different props to go with.