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Children’s Toys

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In the modern age of digitized information the toy is moving just as quickly as the computer. Everyday technological innovators are working tirelessly to make the interfacing of humans and computers more complex and believable. With this at the forefront of their mind, computers are constantly evolving to discriminate between certain stimulus and decipher new inputs. The world’s fastest super computer, as of this publication, ran a simulation of half of the brain of a mouse for one second. That might seem inconsequential, but the technology race is just as fast as it was 50 years ago. Children’s toys will be made with the same technology as that super computer and they will be able to interact with everything a kid does.

Children’s toys are undergoing implementation of all the technologies that adults utilize every day. Innovations like the Kindle, Nook and various other e-readers are all the rave. How many more years until children will be utilizing the same technology to have their textbooks sent to them in a zip file? It’s difficult to tell, but with the primacy and growth of the laptop industry it is safe to say it is just on the horizon. In 2007 recreational laptop sales overcame recreational desktop sales. Everyone is looking for the small and portable solution to their workspace, and more and more items are becoming available to fit that niche.

Even though technology is propelling the quality, and price, of children’s toys higher every day, the classics will never ever go away. Archeologists have found dolls in the oldest known human civilization of the Indus River Valley. Proof of play things from rocks and balls to puzzle games has been found for children around the world. An ancient horse carve out of wood with metal wheels for legs has been found in Greece that represents the Trojan horse as well as the many horses around the region. Although technology may be growing at an almost daily rate, children will still choose to play with what they know. Children’s toys have revolved around the gender and social stereotyping that surrounds them and for that reason dolls, soldiers, and vocations are commonly replicated in the child’s play area.

The only other example of children’s toys that hasn’t been broached is the example of puzzles. Puzzles have existed for centuries in riddles and have become concrete in some of the games children play. For example, the Rubix Cube offers hours of entertainment on a simple block axis with colored squares. Other board games like checkers or chess have become staples of the curious mind. Children are more and more accustomed to a multiplicity of gaming options, and that has only diversified with the introduction of gaming consoles in the home. All of these mediums are beginning to utilize the internet to reach out to kids and integrate them with new updates and additional content and questions from the developers online. All of this is an attempt to retain customers and create a loyal fan base. From there, the company aims to improve their sale with schedule releases of more material. Children are eating up the new content as it is released an frequently adhere to a game once they’ve reached a certain level of dedication.

Children’s toys are constantly evolving with computer technology but stem from the classic toys that hundreds of years of children have enjoyed.