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Cool Baby Toys

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When most people think of cool, baby toys are not usually what comes to mind. Toys for children of this age are generally very simplistic in nature but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be creative and interesting. And while many of the toys found on the shelves of the average toy store are just different takes on a common theme, there are those that are quite imaginative.

Infants are a very touchy-feely bunch. At this age, tactile and visual senses are the driving forces behind they way children explore the world around them. Therefore, toys that engage these senses of touch and sight are the most recommended for children under the age of one year old. Brightly colored blocks, balls, teddy bears and other plushy toys have all been popular infant playthings for generations. Go to any quality toy store and you’re sure to find dozens of such toys on nearly every aisle.

One of the best ways to encourage the development of fine motor skills is through the use of toys that encourage the child to grab, hold, and move various objects. One such toy, the classic bag of blocks, can be found in many different forms. Blocks that are made in various colors and with letters of the alphabet printed on them are among the most popular cool baby toys because they help children begin to learn their ABC’s as well as the basic colors. There are other variations on this theme as well. They can be found in squares, rectangles or any other geometric pattern, allowing the child to explore many different shapes and textures.

Mobiles have always been an excellent choice of toy, especially for newborns. Sight is one of the first senses that begin to develop at birth, and a well-designed mobile can provide many hours of visual entertainment. There is some debate as to whether color or black and white variations are the best option, but the general consensus is that for a child’s first mobile, black and white is the way to go. The simple nature of this color scheme is the perfect way to create highly contrasting geometric designs, which help to stimulate the visual senses. However, most experts agree that switching to a color mobile once the child gets a bit older is a good option.

Of course, the coolest of the cool baby toys are those that the parents find entertaining as well. Parents have been using lullaby’s to help children go to sleep for millennia, whether by singing or the more modern option of CD’s. However, modern parents today have the option to choose “alternatives” to the standard library of lullabies. Classics from the likes of Bob Marley, The Beatles, and many other well-established artists can be purchased in soothing, baby-friendly versions and can be enjoyed by baby and parent alike.

Toys and babies go hand in hand. However, while classic toys are still as popular as ever, unique toys are often the most fun. Luckily, today parents have a variety of options from which to choose.