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Cool Remote Control Toys

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Remote controlled toys have been the hippest toys around since they were first introduced in the mid-1960’s. For decades now, they have been at the top of the Christmas wish list for millions of kids around the world and are continually being improved upon. The number of cool remote control toys has grown exponentially over the last four decades.

The original remote control toys were primarily designed as scaled down replicas of automobiles of the day. In most cases they were powered by a small, two-stroke model airplane engine and while primitive, they generated a great deal of interest from kids and hobbyists alike. During the 1970’s the RC world began to rapidly expand, with both gas and electrically powered cars becoming available to a much wider consumer base. This is also when other RC toys began to appear, including boats and airplanes.

Today, cool remote control toys are everywhere. From inexpensive toys that can be found in nearly any toy store, to top of the line, gas-powered racers that can often cost thousands of dollars, RC toys are more popular than ever before. Most towns and cities throughout the country have at least one retailer that specializes in the world of RC and these are the ideal location to begin a search for any remote controlled machine.

Many of today’s gas powered remote control cars are nearly as fast as their real-life counterparts. For the enthusiast, having the fastest, best-handling RC car can be an obsessive pursuit. Competitions and races are held all over the country and are attended by thousands of people each year, many of whom spend a great deal of time, effort, and money perfecting their specialized race machines. However, one does not have to go to this extreme in order to enjoy an afternoon of remote control fantasy.

For those that just want to have some fun, inexpensive RC vehicles and flying machines can be purchased through most major toy stores. In most cases, these toys are relatively inexpensive, with many being available for less than thirty dollars. This makes them not only a cheap source of entertainment for kids of all ages, but they’re easily replaced if they become broken. And while these less expensive variations might not be as performance oriented as those used on the competition circuit, they are a much more practical option for most parents.

Of course, the coolest of all the cool remote control toys are the ones that can fly. There was a time when a remote controlled flying machine was something that most people couldn’t afford, but this is no longer the case. Small RC helicopters and airplanes are widely available in a range of styles and abilities. The more advanced of these are often capable of performing many of the same maneuvers as real stunt planes. However, even those that can be purchased inexpensively can provide hours and hours of entertainment for children and adults. After all, they are the next best things to being a real pilot.