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Cool Retro Toys

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Remember when you were young and things were, well, just better. It was a simpler time, a happier time, and the toys you used to play with were fantastic. Well it’s time to stop reminiscing and get into action. Recapture your childhood with cool retro toys and share the wonders of your youth with your child.

The fantastic thing about most cool retro toys is that they are so cheap to buy. If you look at a list of all the toys you used to cherish, you will find that most of them can be brought today for under $10. Here is a list of the must have classics.

Mr. Potato Head- This classic cool retro toy has been around since the 50’s. Your child will probably know him from the Toy Story franchise, but you remember him from your mothers kitchen, where you used to stick noses and eyes onto potatoes and any other vegetable you could get your hands on. The Mr. Potato Head of today has a plastic body and a wife, but the fun hasn’t changed a bit.

Slinky- Simple. Classic. Mesmerizing. The slinky is one of the cheapest cool retro toys available. Sit at the top of the stairs, release the slinky, and watch it slink on down. Then repeat, repeat, repeat. Young kids love the slinky and so do grown-ups.

Rubik’s cube- Who can forget this impossible puzzle and the excitement it created in the early 80’s. Over 350 million Rubik’s cubes have been sold worldwide and that number keeps on growing. These cool retro toys are great for older children who have a love for puzzles or for an office desk when you want to relax from the stress of responsibility and enjoy an 80’s retro classic.