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Cool Scientific Gadget & Toys

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The science museum is a great place for kids to go and have fun and maybe learn a thing or two. Science museums have realized that they need to deploy fun and interactive methods of learning with the children to make it seem as though they are not learning at all. As a parent, this is the approach you should also take. A great way to introduce your child to science is with a cool scientific gadget and toys that make them think. For a young child, cool is often gross, and if this is the case with your child, then introduce them to the world of biology and chemistry, cleverly disguised as gooey and messy experiments. Experiments like growing crystals in test tubes, growing a gooey creature, making colored snow, all these experiments will make learning fun and hopefully encourage your child to question why.

Cool scientific gadgets and toys that involve experiments will stimulate an interest in chemistry, but a great way to introduce them to the world of biology is with a carnivorous plant set. This is one step up from Sea Monkeys, which grow almost instantly. Sea Monkeys make great scientific toys for younger children. But for the older children, watching a Venus Fly Trap or a Cobra Lilly grow and turn into a bug-eating monster is a satisfying display of nature at its most interesting.

A magnet is a cool scientific gadget, and toys that seem to defy the laws of nature always make for great gifts. There are anti-gravity plates that use magnets to make objects mysteriously levitate and explore the science of magnetic repulsion and attraction. These magnets are so strong that it is important to remember not to place them next to a computer monitor or it could damage the monitor beyond repair. You can also buy magnetic sculpture toys that let your child create intricate sculptures that can simply be pulled apart and redesigned keeping those young curious minds entertained for hours.