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Cool Spy Toys

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As a parent, you should do all you can to encourage your child's imagination. Children love to pretend, to imagine and conjure up stories and scenarios. A constantly popular scenario in a child's imagination is saving the world and defeating the bad guy. But to defeat the bad guy you need to be prepared, and what better way to be prepared than with cool spy toys.

Really cool spy toys that are also affordable are walkie-talkies. Walkie-talkies can work from 75 feet away and are a great toy for your child and their best friend to communicate.

There are complete kits you can buy that make for cool spy toys. These kits contain everything a little James Bond could need. Magnifying glass, spy camera, fingerprint kits and mysteries for them to solve. These are a great way for your child to solve puzzles and use logical thought in as fun and exciting way.

For the big kid, cool spy toys get far more sophisticated. Spy cameras can be hidden in pens, even imbedded in a baseball cap. There are undetectable tracking devices and even affordable lie detectors. But do not rely on the lie detector to give you conclusive proof; the effectiveness of a cheap lie detector is up for debate.