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Cool Tech Toys

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There are lots of cool tech toys out there on the market right now. For a parent, the choice can be overwhelming, but hopefully this advice will help you select the best cool tech toys for your child.

Without doubt, the most essential cool tech toy a child will want is a laptop. The word laptop fills most parents full of dread. What age should I get my child a laptop and what age should I allow my child to go online? These are all great questions, but unfortunately there is no concrete answer. It is down to you as a parent.

When your child begins school, certain curriculums will require home computer time and the laptop is a great educational tool when used correctly. There are laptop companies that manufacture computers that come pre-installed with Internet safety software, kid-friendly browsers and a wipeable keyboard incase of a spilt juice box. Ask your local store what type of laptop and other cool tech toys would be best suited for your child's age range and do your research online. There are a large number of forums for concerned parents that will tell you more information on the matter.

The next essential cool tech toy that becomes a must have when your child becomes a teenager is a cell phone. What you are looking for in a cell phone for your teenager is a QWERTY keyboard, a decent camera and a music player. Now here is the really important part. Make sure that the phone you buy them is on a pay as you go or prepaid plan. They are much more effective than standard plans which may bring a huge bill to your door. Make the child pay for the phone with their own money and if they fail to pay, they will be cut off. This will prepare them for the responsibility of adulthood and paying bills.