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Cool Toys for Girls

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The latest “must have” toys change every year and as every parent knows, the mad rush to get your hands on that toy at Christmas is anything but relaxing. But there are certain cool toys for girls you can buy that are a surefire hit whether they are “must have” or not.

Most girls will want to begin collecting. Having the complete set of toys is very important to a young girl. This is a fact that advertising companies often exploit and promote toys as “got to have them all” packages. Collecting a complete set of dolls is going to prove expensive, but you can encourage this collecting and organizing urge your child has through other ways. There are trading cards that are cool toys for girls that satisfy their urge to collect and organize. There are also smaller, miniature dolls that represent different colors and nationalities that can double as an educational tool for your child, teaching them about the rest of the world.

There will come a time when your child will be old enough to play outside. Bicycles are classic cool toys for girls. Encourage your daughter to accessorize her new bicycle. This will explore her artistic side and keep her entertained for hours, adding stickers or lace. It is important to always make sure your child rides wearing a helmet. If they feel uncomfortable with this, again, encourage they decorate it, and this should help her connect with the essential safety gear.

Stimulating your child’s imagination is a great way to keep them entertained and learning at the same time. Art kits and books are cool toys for girls. There are art kits available that let the child make bracelets, broaches and badges. These are great for her to make gifts for other children or members of their secret club. A creative gift can bring hours of enjoyment and may start a lifelong connection with arts and crafts.