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Gadgets Cool Toys

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There can be no denying that humans love useless novelties. From miniature remote controlled cars to foldable stands for cell phones, gadgets, cool toys, and other novelty items constitute a multi-million dollar industry. Ranging from the high-tech to the no-tech, these items hold a fascination for many people, and are an obsession for others.

Electronics are perhaps one of the largest categories when it comes to the world of gadgetry. Most people in America have at least one or two common pieces of electronics around the home, whether that is a laptop computer, mp3 or DVD player, or even a radio. These items have become so popular that it is hard to imagine a time when we lived without them. They are can be purchased in nearly every community, through any number of retailers. However, most of these items are so popular because they have real-life practicality, which is not the case with every piece of electronics.

Spy gear is always high on any list of popular gadgets. Cool toys such as super-sensitive listening devices and pens that can secretly record video can be found through dozens of online retailers. Recording devices, in particular, are quite common due to advances in audio and video recording technology. Just a decade or two ago, ultra-small recording equipment was strictly the domain of spy novels and government intelligence services. Today, on the other hand, these pieces of equipment are available to just about anyone, and at unbelievably inexpensive prices. Now anyone with a few extra dollars can buy equipment that was once considered science fiction.

Movies have been a great source of inspiration for many gadget designers, and sci-fi movies in particular. In fact, the inventors of some of the world’s most popular gadgets, including the mp3 player and the laptop computer, were directly inspired by science fiction movies and the futuristic equipment that was featured. Many movie studios take great pains to create a host of gadgets, cool toys, and other types of memorabilia in order to bring in additional income from licensing agreements and worldwide distribution. These items are most often based on a particular piece of equipment seen in the movie and are sold through various toy stores, online retailers, and movie memorabilia businesses.

For many gadgets / cool toys, there are other gadgets designed as accessories. Cell phones users, for instance, will often purchase other pieces of equipment such as remote headsets, auxiliary battery chargers, and even extra batteries in addition to the phone itself. Mp3 players and computers are often seen surrounded by protective coverings in order to help keep them from becoming damaged. Televisions are almost always connected to other pieces of electronic equipment such as DVD players, surround sound stereo equipment, and in the case of newer TV’s, even the home computer.

The gadget industry is one of continual growth. Each new year brings a host of new toys that are designed more for entertainment than for practicality. But all things considered, practicality is overrated.