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Hot New Toys

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Every child wants the hot new toys. And of course, every parent knows how hard it can sometimes be to keep up with the sheer number of toys being marketed to their children. Toy manufacturers spend millions of dollars on advertising each year in an attempt to create a “buzz” about their latest products and it is left up to the parents to determine which toys are appropriate for their children and which toys are not.

In today’s technology driven world, video games and equipment constitute some of the most popular toys currently on the market. Video games and consoles generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues each year, and the market seems to show no signs of slowing down. Over the last two decades, these games have gone from a novelty to a worldwide industry, and as technology has progressed, these games have become ever more realistic in their game play as well as their visual aesthetics.

The “big three” video game console manufacturers, Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (Playstation) and Nintendo (Wii) all try and market their product as one of the hot new toys. Truth be told, each of the consoles has its advantages and disadvantages, and understanding the differences is key to choosing which is the ideal version for your family. The fundamental differences between consoles are the style of game play and the quality of the graphics. Xbox and Playstation consoles feature state of the art graphics and are played much like traditional gaming systems, with a hand-held controller with multiple joysticks and buttons. However, what the Wii lacks in “high-tech” graphics it makes up for in a truly revolutionary style of game play that is much more physically interactive.

Movies are often the inspiration for children’s toys. Each year there are dozens of movies that are intended for young audiences, in a number of genres ranging from action to fantasy and animation. Movie studios often try to boost their profits from these movies by licensing the merchandising rights to toy manufacturers, who then create a series of toys based on characters or other aspects of the feature film. If a movie becomes successful, these toys almost always sell like the proverbial hotcakes.

Of course, some of the hot new toys today are not exactly modern inventions. Remote control cars, for example, have been consistently popular toys with kids across the country since they were first introduced in the 1960’s. However, modern technology has made these toys much less expensive to manufacturer, and as such less expensive to own. Today these toys are available in a wide range of designs, ranging from the traditional RC cars to boats, airplanes, helicopters, and even motorcycles. They are also available in many different sizes, from small, simple, and intended for small children, to gas-powered, highly technical machines designed for the RC enthusiast.

Whether you opt for the latest, technology driven toys or are more prone towards the classics, there is little doubt that the toy industry will continue to churn out products at unprecedented rates.