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Interactive Kids Toys

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When choosing interactive kids toys, it’s a good idea to consider the interests of the child. There are many types of toys that have some element of interactivity. These can be as simple as a book with buttons that make noise or play sounds that correspond with the book or as complicated as a handheld video game.

For the youngest children, talking dolls or stuffed animals are the first techno gadgets that they play with. From there, they often progress to books with buttons to push and then battery operated musical toys. You can find plastic teething rings that vibrate, rattles that sing and dolls that drink and wet.

For the older child, hand held video games and console games are a good bet. Don’t forget other options such as ipods and remote controlled vehicles. Kids are surprisingly adept with a bit of technology in their hands. They will figure out the controls and what the toy can do very quickly. Children will often learn to operate an interactive kids’ toy much faster than many adults.