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Kid's Anime Toys

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Kid’s anime toys bring the popular Japanese animations to life in small forms suitable for children’s play. Anime directly refers to a style of animations or cartoons that originated in Japan during the 1960s and became popular in Western countries in the 1980s. They owe their unique styling largely to Osamu Tezuka who was inspired by the success of the American animation “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

Kid’s anime toys are often figurines or stuffed animals that depict some of the most beloved anime characters. The unique style of anime came about as Japanese animators began to simplify popular western animation techniques. They simplified the characters to make animation easier, and lowered the frame rate which allows production to proceed much faster and gives the animation its distinct style.

Many kid’s anime toys are foreign imports, mostly from Japan, which raises their prices, but ensures that the toy will be unique. This is a niche market that is gaining significant ground in the American market, largely due to the huge amount of anime that is readily available, and often illegally downloaded. The allure of these toys is often their foreign appeal.