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Kids Christmas Toys

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There is much speculation about what will be the “must have” kids Christmas toy this year, and for all the magic of the season, making sure you buy the right gift for your child can be a stressful process. Here is a list of ideas for kids Christmas toys that are guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit:

A Bicycle- Every kid wants a bicycle and learning to ride a bike is a big part of a child’s development. A bike teaches your child independence, adventure and encourages interaction with other children, and not forgetting of course; it is a great way to exercise.

Video Console- Keeping your child away from video games in today’s world is practically impossible. So instead of trying to avoid your child’s involvement with video games, encourage it and take charge of what they play and for how long they play it. An Xbox or PlayStation have been favorite kids Christmas toys for years and if you buy your child one for Christmas, be sure to set some ground rules. Limit the amount of time they can play with video games to a maximum of 2 hours per day and only after chores and homework have been completed. Make them see the video games as a reward not an escape. Games like ‘Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” are considered positive games because the promote coordination and music ability.

Dolls- Selecting the right doll for your child depends a lot on their interests. When children reach 7 years old, they will begin to show interest in collecting complete sets. Now, as a parent, this can prove expensive, but you can buy additional clothing and accessories for your child’s favorite dolls that will pave the way for the inevitable life long obsession with fashion. Popular dolls for this year include the Justin Bieber singing doll and the Barbie video doll, that records video that can be uploaded onto a computer via USB.