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Kids Learning Toys

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It’s never too early to begin educating a child. A child’s mind is in a constant state of growth and development, and much like a sponge, it soaks up everything around it. This is why many experts believe that the earlier you can begin to guide the development of a child’s mind, the better off that child will be.

Kids learning toys are made to be both entertaining, and to stimulate the developing brain. There are thousands of different types of educational toys, each with its own purpose. As a general rule, they are most often separated into varying categories based on the age of the child for which they are designed. This helps parents better understand what toys are right for their child, but it should be noted that these categories are not necessarily set in stone.

For children under one year of age, toys are most often designed to stimulate basic cognitive brain functions. The mobile is a classic example of these toys. A child’s vision is not fully developed when they are first born, and as such visual stimulation is quite helpful to this process. Most experts recommend that a child’s first mobile be designed in a simple two-tone, black and white color scheme. As the child gets older, switching to those that incorporate basic color patterns is recommended.

As a baby moves into the toddler stage, simply looking at the world around them is no longer enough. The need to explore and touch things begins to take over and before long tactile sensations are actively sought after. This is when kids learning toys begin to be more about actual playtime than simple stimulation. Toys that can be pulled, pushed, banged on or carried are ideally suited for this stage of development. Often referred to as “cause and effect” toys, they are designed to allow the child to explore the capabilities of his/her mind and body.

Classic toddler toys include building blocks, the jack in the box, and of course the coloring book. Each of these toys can help the child to develop motor functions and coordination, as well as helping to strengthen small muscles. Musical toys are also common for children of this age group. Simple keyboards, shakers, and other rudimentary instruments often become a favorite toy, and as many experts will attest too, children that discover music early tend to have greater success later on in school.

More complex kids learning toys are often suggested for children that are entering the kindergarten and early elementary school years. Games and puzzles are often recommended because of their ability to develop mental focus as well as social interaction; skills that they will need throughout their lives. Games and puzzles can also help a child develop the ability to think abstractly and, depending on the game, can also help improve logic and math skills.

There are literally thousands of different types of educational toys on the market, but the best ones are almost always the most simplistic. The important things are that they encourage exploration and, of course, are entertaining.