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Kids Outdoor Toys

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For the average child, summertime is the best time of the year. School is out, the weather is nice, and all there is to do is play in the sunshine. Fortunately for parents, there are a nearly endless variety of kids outdoor toys available to keep children occupied all summer long.

Of all the outdoor toys for children, perhaps the most iconic is the swing set. It has been a staple of suburban backyards and school playgrounds for decades and remains one of the most commonly purchased pieces of children’s equipment in America. However, today’s swing sets are designed for much more than swinging. They often incorporate a number of different pieces of equipment, including slides, bridges, and in some cases, the classic “fort”. They are most often purchased from a local toy store, but can also be found through some home improvement centers as well.

While there might not be any scientifically proven reason as to why, it is a fact that there is something about playing in the dirt that appeals to children. That is why along side many swing sets is another staple of kids outdoor toys, the sandbox. Nearly every playground in America incorporates the idea of the sandbox into its layout, whether through a dedicated location or simply a general covering of sand over the whole area. Parents often build or purchase a sandbox for the backyard as well. And as with swing sets, most major toy stores will have sandbox options.

One of the rights of passage for every child is learning to ride a bicycle. Most people can remember the sheer excitement they experienced when they got their first bike and the sense freedom that it offered. Children’s bicycles are designed for small bodies, and as such are much less expensive than those built for adults. They often come equipped with training wheels to help keep the bike upright until the child develops the necessary balance, at which point they can be easily taken off. Local bike shops and toy stores are the best places to find a child’s bicycle.

Finally, when the summer heat is at its peak, few kids outdoor toys are as welcome as the swimming pool. Small inflatable or plastic swimming pools are ideally suited for backyards and patios and offer a great way for kids to beat the heat. They are typically no deeper than twelve inches, which means even toddlers can enjoy the water (under proper parental supervision, of course). And because these pools are lightweight, once emptied they can be easily carried away for storage in the garage or garden shed. They are also relatively inexpensive, with many costing less than thirty dollars.

These are just a few of the hundreds of outdoor toys designed for children. A trip to nearly any toy store will produce enough options to ensure that the kids can be occupied all summer long. Most of these toys are affordable enough for the average family, but are worth their weight in gold when it comes to entertainment value.