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Kids Pool Toys

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With summertime just around the corner, kids pool toys will soon be hot commodities. Whether you visit the community pool, or have one in your backyard, these toys are an essential part of fun in the water. From floatation devices to beach balls and remote controlled boats, the variety of options is virtually endless.

If you’re the parent of small children and/or toddlers, floatation toys should be carefully considered. Because it’s natural for a child to want to explore, it’s very important that steps are taken to ensure they are safe when around water. Fortunately, most children’s water toys are designed to keep them above water should they tread too far in to the pool. Items such as the traditional “floaties” that are worn around the upper arms have been used for decades. Furthermore, many children’s swimsuits are designed to float as well.

Kickboards are also excellent kids pool toys. They are commonly used to help teach small children the basic mechanics of swimming, and are an ideal way to allow a child to begin exploring the “deep end” of the pool without having to hold on to an adult. And of course, many older children and adults find that a kickboard can be a great way to cruise around the pool as well. In most cases, they are made from a dense foam material that is extremely buoyant and can often be purchased for less than twenty dollars.

Just like the kickboard, the “water noodle” is a classic children’s water toy. These are primarily designed as floatation devices, but their long noodle-like shape makes them fun to play with as well. In fact, visit any community swimming pool in America and chances are you’ll see dozens of these in use. They are normally made from a similar material as is used for kickboards, however, they are not usually as rigid, and can be easily held under the arms.

Of course, not all kids pool toys are designed for toddlers. Older kids and teenagers like to play in the pool just as much as anyone else, and there are a variety of pool items designed for them. Diving games, for instance, are extremely popular with older children. These games are relatively simple in that they’re usually nothing more than a few simple weights that are thrown into the pool and then retrieved; but they can supply hours of fun for kids of all ages.

There are also toys designed for underwater propulsion. Made to mimic the look and functions of the underwater sleds used by professional deep sea divers, these devices can be a great deal of fun, provided there is enough room in the pool. Of course, these toys should really only be used under adult supervision, and they are not intended to be used by small children.

Finally, few kids pool toys have survived the test of time like the snorkel and goggles. They are the perfect way to open up an underwater window and have been enjoyed by generations of children.