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Kids Power Ride On Toys

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There few things that children do better or enjoy more than mimicking the adults they see around them, and this is especially true if they get to drive something in the process. Of course, driving a real life motor vehicle is out of the question for the average toddler or grade school age child; but fortunately there are a wide variety of kids power ride on toys that are available today. While these might not be quite the same as what the adults get to drive, they are perfectly suited for the average child.

Most ride on toys are electrically powered, with the power coming from one or more rechargeable batteries contained within the toy. The main advantage of electrical operation is that there is no need for gasoline or other flammable liquids, all of which can be a serious hazard around children. It also allows children to be able to use these toys without having immediate adult supervision. The electrical motors used rarely allow the vehicles to travel at speeds greater than four to five miles per hour, thereby reducing the likelihood of an injury-producing accident.

Kids power ride on toys generally come in one of three electrical configurations; 6 volt, 12 volt, and 24 volt. There are also 36 volt varieties, but these are not as common as the other three. The number of volts typically indicates the amount of power any given toy might have, with 6 volt toys having less power than their 24 volt counterparts. For toddler and preschool aged children, 6 volt toys are generally recommended, as they slower and therefore easier to young children to control. Once a child has grown up a bit and learned how to operate a vehicle correctly, the larger voltage toys can be considered.

Ride on toys can come in many different varieties. Cars, motorcycles, ATV’s, and even go-karts and scooters can be found in electrically powered, kid-friendly designs. Many of these designs are essentially scaled down models of existing vehicles, most often designed to mimic the look of the most popular “adult” versions. Sports cars and other vehicles from the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, GMC, Ford, Yamaha and Kawasaki can all be found in miniature, electrical models.

For younger children, most experts recommend sticking with kids power ride on toys that use four wheels. Four wheeled vehicles do not require the child to have to balance the vehicle in order to ride it, and are therefore much more forgiving to inexperienced drivers. Before a child is allowed to ride a two-wheeled vehicle such as a motorcycle or scooter, they should first be able to adequately ride and control a bicycle. Also, while it is not required, it is often recommended that safety gear such as a protective helmet be used whenever a child is allowed to ride one of these vehicles.

Ride on toys are very popular with today’s kids, but they can be expensive. Parents should do some research before purchasing one of these toys so that they not only get a quality product, but also one that’s within their budget.