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Kids Remote Control Toys

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Radio controlled cars used to be the domain of dedicated hobbyists, but not so anymore. Technology has sufficiently advanced to make RC vehicles available to anyone that wants them. However, it is important to remember that there is a difference between the kids remote control toys and those that are used by RC enthusiasts.

Radio controlled cars were first introduced during the 1960’s, but these were primarily only built and operated by people with experience in radio technology. By the 1970’s, both gas and electrically powered RC cars were being produced by a number of companies in Europe, and were still hard to come by in this country. These early versions were not really suited to young operators, as they often required the handling of gasoline, and were capable of causing injury if operated by an experienced driver.

Today, however, there are dozens of different RC cars, trucks, and other kids remote control toys available to consumers. These items are typically much smaller than those used on the competition circuit and are designed to be safely operated by even the youngest of children. Low-speed motors ensure that even when being driven at top speed, little to no damage can occur through an impact. This keeps both your child and your home free from injury.

Cars and trucks are still popular remote controlled toys for children. From monster trucks to sports cars, these toys are purchased by millions of parents across the country at the behest of their children. For those with younger kids, it is important to purchase remote controlled toys that use a youngster-friendly driving platform. Control panels that have multiple joysticks and buttons tend to create more confusion than then do entertainment, and as such it is imperative that the controls be simple. Many companies now make controls that are designed like a regular steering wheel, requiring the child to only turn it one direction or the other.

Of course, not all kids remote control toys are based on car and truck designs. Many parents have found that a remote controlled boat makes a fantastic toy for both the bath and the kiddie pool. These simple toys are easy to control and are virtually incapable of causing injury to anyone or anything. Many of these RC boats can be purchased for less than thirty dollars, and some can be found for less than ten.

Some RC toys are not cars or vehicles at all. Many of these toys are designed to resemble animals, such as birds, bugs, and even snakes. Remote controlled dinosaurs are particularly popular with many children, as they can often walk and make a variety of “realistic” sounds. Some of the remote controlled bugs and spiders can even be made to walk up walls, seemingly defying gravity.

Kids remote control toys have come a long way over the last few decades. They have not only become much smaller, but they are much less expensive as well. If you’re in the market for one of these toys, a visit to your local toy store should provide many options.