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Kids Ride On Toys

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Children have gone absolutely crazy for motorized toys since the dawn of the hand-cranked hot rod. From the Barbie pink jeep to the pocket bikes, kids ride on toys. Most of the time these toys are battery powered, but there are some that are powered through an internal combustion engine. Whichever the case may be the fact that kids ride on toys means that they can be categorized in some manner, and we’ll do just that in the following paragraphs.

The first and primary most common application of riding toys for kids today is the four wheel battery powered cruiser. These small vehicle can seat two and usually follow another brand line. They’re typically laid out in male and female stereotypes. Kids ride on toys with pink Jeeps, silver Mercades, and tuff trucks. The basic from of these vehicle is fairly straightforward. The chassis is a plastic or aluminum frame with four wheels that are almost always plastic so you don’t have to worry about tire pressure.  The idea with these models is to replicate the real trucks, cars, and other automobiles on a smaller scale so that the kids can pretend and play just as adults do.

The replication of the larger scale item is critical to selling the product. The purpose is twofold, one it is to align the product and car as similar in the eyes of the parent, and the other half is to jazz it up and give it some color and attitude so that the children see it as desirable. This may mean turning some of the assets and accessories that err on the side of cartoonish. The larger truck example has a number painted on the side to resemble a racing truck, plastic headlights and taillights, a massive front battering cage to protect the front end, and behind the cabin plastic lights to be sure the whole thing is as audacious as possible. Name brand logos placed on the side and custom lighting on the hood all contributes to the flair and overall attitude that the youngsters develop with the machine. The engine is electric and runs on batteries that are housed in the back, near the rear axle.

The electrical motor manually turns the wheels and it can be either all-wheel drive or simply two-wheel drive.

Since the engine is always electric there is no fuel necessary. These engines are electrical and run on a various number of 12 volt batteries. The cabin is usually open in the top so that when kids ride on toys they can just as easily stop riding. The doors are low as well, but sometimes the body is one continuous unit so that the kids have to jump up and into the vehicle. Often times go karts and other small carts are available that are similar. Most of the time it is recommended that is your kids ride on toys they wear a helmet, especially if the vehicle moves quickly.

When kids ride on toys they have a blast. That’s why we’ve taken the time to outline the most common configurations, their style, and branding mechanisms. Cool is the aim of the game and details take the cake in making sure that the kids enjoy the toys while finding them entertaining. With some simple battery power, the fun will last and last and last.