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Kids Science Toys

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Nurturing your child’s intelligence is important especially from an early age. To encourage their development it is important to make learning fun, to make learning seem like they are not learning at all. Using kids science toys is a great way to do this. Kids science toys are fun, exciting and often messy. Young children have a fascination with creepy crawlies and a microscope can really bring biology to life in a fun and fascinating way. Most microscope kits come with prepared glass slides and a booklet of fun and engaging experiments to perform. What is really great about a microscope is that it will encourage your child’s interaction with nature and they will be in the yard looking for their next experiment.

Another great introduction into the world of biology is sea monkeys. These creatures will encourage your child to consider creation and will also teach them responsibility and prepare them for becoming caring pet owners.

For the young boys there are ‘disgusting’ kid science toys that are yucky yet educational. These include Petri dishes for up-close examination and creating the coagulation of fake blood. They make learning yucky and fun and before the child knows it, they will want to find out more.

Chemistry sets are a thrilling kids science toy. They encourage hands-on science with experiments that include making a cola volcano, creating invisible ink, finding iron in cereal and a whole host of experiments that will keep your child entertained for hours. Children love playing with test tubes full of colored liquids, they have all seen them on T.V, and these chemistry sets let the children experiment with these colored liquids in a safe environment with such experiments as making ‘rocket fuel’ and growing giant crystals. These fun lessons will teach them the ABCs of chemistry in an exciting way that will stay with them forever.