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Kids Water Toys

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The summer is here and nothing is more fun that playing in the water and there is a wide variety of kids water toys to help them make the most of the hot summer days. Classic and very affordable kids water toys are water pistols. Water pistols range from the simple to the complex pump-action super soakers for the serious water warrior.

Every child is attracted to the water parks, but not every parent has the time to take their children. You can now buy reasonably priced inflatable all-in-one pools and slides that keep the kids happy for hours and within your sight, so you are free to relax at home avoiding the long queues at the water parks.

If you are thinking of taking your children to the beach then you cannot forget the bucket and spade. These kids water toys are great for keeping the kids entertained by burying each other or building sandcastles. Building sandcastles with your child can be a good bonding experience and a memorable day out.

For all children, especially the younger ones, protection from the sun is important. Always remember to protect their delicate skin with sunscreen. If you are playing at home, inflatable pools that offer shade are great kids water toys for the younger children. They can stay in the pool and keep cool under the sunshade canopy so there is no risk of sunburn or heat stroke.