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New Baby Toys

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New baby toys are not really and truly necessary during the newborn stage, but they sure are fun to choose and give to new parents for their baby. A newborn often finds just as much delight looking at their reflection in a mirror or looking at bold patterns on fabric as they do playing with toys. Take a clue from babies and keep new baby toys simple.

Soft books with simple designs and bold colors are fun to show to babies. Plastic toy keys are also a popular choice because they can be used a couple of different ways. You can show the baby the keys and shake them for entertainment. Once babies can grasp, they will enjoy handling the keys themselves. 

A mobile is a great addition to a baby’s room. It provides a wonderful focal point for the baby to focus on as their eyesight develops. A toy gym is one thing that many babies enjoy. Babies will lie beneath the toy gym and learn to bat at the toys with their hands and feet. Teething toys come in handy over the course of a baby’s first year as the infant’s first teeth emerge. Some of the most effective teething toys can be frozen to offer some cool comfort to swollen gums. Consider simple toys for newborns as you prepare for the arrival of a baby.