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New Bubble Toys

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New bubble toys have become much more complex than the simple plastic jar with wand built into the re-sealable lid. These toys have evolved beyond this simple toy that often ends with a sticky mess of soapy water and fingers.

The best new bubble toys are designed by professionals with unique ideas such as containers that are built to never spill. These spill proof containers are one of the best innovations in the bubble toy world and have prevented countless spills to date. A rotating interior coupled with a special opening keeps the liquid inside even if the container is dropped, a common occurrence around children.

New bubble toys also have new wand shapes that allow a child to produce interesting bubble patterns and larger than usual bubbles. Some are even motorized and will produce a backyard or roomful of bubbles in a short amount of time allowing the child to play with them, rather than produce the bubbles themselves. These new innovations and many others are creating toys that are easy to use, don’t make a mess but are still incredibly fun to play with.