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New Girl Toys

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Having a newborn child is a life changing moment and it is important to provide your child with the appropriate stimulation to encourage their development. For a new girl, toys should focus on the five senses. Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

A musical doll is a classic new girl toy that will stimulate her touch, sight and sound senses. And to further stimulate touch, every girl loves a giant jumbo pink teddy bear.

A play mat is a great new girl toy that will keep her entertained while you relax and put your feet up. New play mats are designed with a multitude of colors, textures and sounds to encourage the senses, develop motor skills as well as the baby’s cognitive skills. A Play mat is an important new girl toy because it encourages tummy time lifting. Tummy time lifting encourages the baby to lift their head to play and this strengthens their neck and shoulder muscles, this is an important part of a baby’s development.

To further encourage this development in a new girl, toys such as activity gyms are available. Activity gyms feature kick and play response pads, meaning that the baby is encouraged to use their legs and arms to touch the hanging toys and this will result in the baby being rewarded with a chime or other pleasant sound. The activity gyms can also be used as a diaper changing surface when needed, perfect for keeping your baby in one place and stimulated.