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Outdoor Kid's Toys

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Summertime is the favorite time of year for most school age children. The warm weather and sunshine, not to mention summer vacation from school, make it a great time to get outside and burn off some excess energy. As a result, most outdoor kids toys are designed for summertime use, but there are plenty of options for other seasons as well.

Bicycles have been one of the most popular outdoor toys for kids of many generations. A bike can give a child their first true taste of independence, much as a first car does for a teenager. They are also a great deal of fun and offer an ideal form of exercise for children of all ages. And fortunately for parents, children’s bicycles are relatively affordable and can be purchased through most toy stores.

Camping gear is also commonly high on the list of popular outdoor kid’s toys. The backyard campout is a very popular outdoor activity with children all across the country, and all that’s needed is a tent, a couple of sleeping bags, and some snacks. Many toy stores carry kids tents and other camping gear, but there are also a number of online sources available as well.