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Popular Kids Toys

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As every parent knows, the “must have” toys at Christmas sell out fast and give every parent a headache over the holidays, trying frantically to hunt down these mysterious toys. But what was a hit last year is rarely a hit the next year. There are toys out there that are constantly popular kids toys and have been for generations.

The bicycle. A classic. Every child wants one and always will. The bicycle exercises the child, gets them out of the house and away from the computer and encourages interaction with other children. Interaction with other children is important in the increasing insular computer-based environment that children are being raised in.

Other popular kids toys that promote exercise and interaction are skateboards and roller blades. Both require the child to develop skills and have the patience to see those skills develop. There are skate parks in most cities for children to practice their tricks and interact with other children who also have a passion for skating. With bicycling, skating and skateboarding, protection is important. Buy your child head protection and if they are skating, elbow and knee protection as well.

There is no denying that computer game consoles are extremely popular kids toys. When you buy games for your child always make sure that they are age appropriate. Most video games are rated and stores will separate them by section to make the right selection easier. There are many violent video games that are not suitable for younger children. If you are unsure that the video game is appropriate for your child, ask the retailer, and they will be happy to tell you all the information you need. Try and manage the amount of time your child spends with the video game. The total amount of “screen time” which includes television, DVD’s and video games should not exceed two hours a day.