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Sensory Toys for Kids

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It is through the senses that a child experiences life and when you child is growing, it is important to promote the development of their senses. There are sensory toys for kids of all ages to help with this development. As your baby starts to be able to hold objects, offer them a variety of textures. Fuzzy blankets and teething toys will help motor skills and hold the child’s interest.

When your child becomes a toddler they will develop the natural urge to make music. This usually involves banging on pots and pans and stamping their feet, but musical sensory toys for kids will increase motor skills and memory, as they are likely to sing and bang their favorite song over and over again.

Sensory toys for kids that manipulate textures like Play-Doh and finger paints have been proven to help prepare a child for handwriting and of course encourage creativity and further develop those all important motor skills. Visual sensory toys for kids like picture books will encourage the child to study the pages and begin to recognize shapes and colors.

Sensory toys for kids with mild to severe sensory processing disorders have proven effective in helping the child develop. Therapy balls, suspended equipment, weighted vests and vibrating pillows all have benefits for a child with processing disorders. These sensory toys are used as relaxation techniques, keeping your child from fidgeting and defeating destructive oral motor grinding habits.

The classic sensory toy for kids is the Abacus. This wooden calculator has been around for thousands of years as a mathematical tool but today, it can really help your child with pattern and color recognition as well as beginning their relationship with mathematics.