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Toys for Brainy Kids

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Often the best toys for brainy kids are the simplest and require the most imagination to have fun with. While almost every manufacturer of toys claims their product is educational they are often only marginally so. Smart children have a propensity to become bored with toys that have only one mode of play or a single outcome, the most appealing toys to them have no set rules and no end in sight.

Toys for brainy kids can be simple wooden building blocks with or without letters, numbers and colors on them. Building blocks teach children a number of lessons almost indirectly. Balance, weight, friction, and gravity are all understood while playing with blocks. There are no rules so a child can use their mind to creatively discover their own games and create goals without being told to do so. With these types of toys it is completely natural.

As a child ages, the complexity of these same simple toys increases allowing for more elaborate and creative inventions. Toys for brainy kids who are school aged and up can demonstrate scientific theories and involve more complex pieces and tools, but the best ones still allow the child to work towards their own goals and have a significant amount of creativity. Arts and crafts are ideal for brainy children of all ages.