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Unique Toys for Kids

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Every child wants that special toy and every parent dreads the mad rush to find the latest ‘hot’ toy at Christmas time. But unique toys for kids are not necessarily the latest ‘must have’ items, they could be something simple that your child treasures forever. Here are some suggestions for unique toys for kids.

A fun, unique toy is the build your own monster puppet. You can create hundreds of crazy creatures by attaching Velcro ears, eyes and noses to puppets. These toys provide hours of entertainment and encourage your child’s creativity. A classic version of this is ‘Mr. Potato Head.’ This toy has seen a recent surge in popularity thanks to the Toy Story movies, but has been enjoyed by children since 1952.

Another classic unique toy for kids that has been popular for many years is Lego. Lego began making its famous interlocking bricks in 1949 and they have been popular ever since. These interlocking bricks encourage motor skills, problem solving and creativity in children and the latest designs in Lego are so advanced they will even keep grown-ups busy for hours.

It is important to find the right balance of education, stimulation, activity and fun in a child’s toy. You want your child to learn, to exercise and have a happy childhood. Finding the appropriate toys for your child will create positive memories. They will look back on those times with a sense of fond nostalgia when they are all grown up and remembering what it used to be like to be young and carefree.