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Way Cool Toys

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How do you know what toys your child will consider way cool? Toys that are going to start a positive hobby are the ones that your child will cherish. Musical instruments start off as way cool toys and can turn into something much more, maybe even a profession. All the kids today know or play guitar hero, and it is a positive game, teaching the children coordination and accuracy. But a real guitar is far more rewarding. A guitar, as with all way cool toys, is going to require your child to perfect a skill. It is this development of skill combined with a degree of instant gratification that separates a stocking filler from a toy that a child is going to keep around for years.

Maybe your child is showing some interest in building and design. Encourage this with model cars or boats that they have to build from scratch. This is going to keep them busy for hours and as a parent, you can form a strong bond with your child helping them put it together. Most boys develop an interest in automobiles and model cars and remote control cars are way cool toys for early teenage kids. Racing them is even more fun.

Action figures for boys and girls appeal to children. Thanks to the cunning of marketing departments, action figures of your child’s favorite movie characters are available immediately after the release of the film. Action figures from comic books and movies are big business and they have been popular for decades now. All kids will consider these to be way cool toys and although they will not exactly develop into a hobby, the natural urge a child has to collect and complete will be satisfied and who knows, maybe you will secretly enjoy playing with them too.